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Chatting in English

Welcome to ESL-Chat!

Hi! My name is Alan. I am glad to meet you! I am an English teacher. I can help you improve your English, I can correct your language mistakes while we chat.

As you might know, ESL stands for English as Second Language. Here we try our best to help you improve your English when it is not your native language.

The best way to learn any language is practice, as much as possible. Practice reading, listening, writing and speaking. You can also improve your language by talking to me. I will try my best to help correct your spelling and grammar mistakes as well as learn more vocabulary and useful phrases.

Reading books and watching movies are two very important activities to improve your language. So start by best-selling books and do not forget to read other Wikipedia articles as well as daily news.

About movies, watch any movie you like and try to focus on the conversation. Try to watch the same movie with and without subtitles. Any movie genre is good but movie that have more conversation are best. Documentaries are also very good to start with.

In addition to that, I also offer to test your English language proficiency level. Tell me to test your language and depending on your current level, I will try to test your language level and give you your score.

The test has different levels starting from absolute beginner who only knows the basic phrases to very advanced. These levels are similar to IELTS bands. The questions in the advanced level are very similar to TOEFL. So even if you get a relatively low score on the advanced level, it does not mean your English is that bad!

This website also provides a number of tools that makes learning English easier:

  • On the Phrases page, you can find many useful basic English phrases with their translations in Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, French, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Kurdish. You can use this page to get started with chatting if you are just beginning to learn English.

  • On the Blog page, you can find many articles that will motivate and help you better learn English language. The articles range from grammar lessons to discussing the best way to learn a language. They also can help you choose from a list of best books to read by genre, age, best-selling books of all time...

  • On the Quiz page, you can find many quizzes to test your language proficiency level. They range from very easy to very advanced.

  • On the Grammar page, you can copy and paste your text to check its grammar in addition to other text analysis statistics like sentence length...

  • On the Word Frequency page, you can copy and paste your text to calculate unique words and the number each words is repeated. So you can easily make a dictionary list for any text you want.

Please also do not forget to visit our facebook and twitter pages to get updates about our lessons in addition to other updates to our site.

Now you can start chatting with me and ask me any question!

Below are the common English basic phrases and their meaning in other languages:

Kurdish Arabic Persian Turkish Chinese Spanish Hindi Russian French

1HiNǐ hǎo
2Hellonǐ hǎo
3How are you?nǐ hǎo ma?
4I am fineWǒ hěn hǎo
5Thank youxièxiè
7Thank you very muchfēicháng gǎnxiè nǐ
8And you?nǐ ne?
10Can you speak English?nǐ huì shuō yīngyǔ ma?
11Do you speak Chinese?Nǐ huì shuō pǔtōnghuà ma?
12A littleYīdiǎn
13Where do you live?nǐ zhù zài nǎlǐ?
14I live in ChinaWǒ zhù zài zhōngguó
15I live in Beijingwǒ zhù zài běijīng
16Beijing is a nice cityběijīng shì yīgè měilì de chéngshì
17Beijing is an old cityběijīng shì yīgè gǔlǎo de chéngshì
18I live in the USwǒ zhù zài měiguó
19Where are you from?nǐ láizì nǎlǐ?
20I am from the U.SWǒ cóngzhōng měi
21I am Americanwǒ shì měiguó rén
22What is your job?nǐ shì zuò shénme gōngzuò de?
23I am a studentWǒ shì xuéshēng
24I am a teacherwǒ shì lǎoshī
25How old are you?nǐ jǐ suì?
26I am 35 years oldWǒ jīnnián 35 suì
27What is your name?nǐ jiào shénme míngzì?
28My name is AhmedWǒ de míngzì jiào ài hā mài dé
29Nice to meet youhěn gāoxìng jiàn dào nǐ
36It was nice talking to youhěn kāixīn gēn nǐ liáotiān
37What time is it?jǐ diǎnle?
38It is one o'clockXiànzài yīdiǎn zhōng
39I am latewǒ chídàole
40I have to go nowwǒ dé zǒule
42Are you okay?nǐ hái hǎo ma?
43Can I help you?Wǒ néng bāng nǐ ma?
44Can you help me?Nǐ néng bāngzhù wǒ ma?
45Come hereGuòlái
47Good afternoonxiàwǔ hǎo
48Good eveningwǎnshàng hǎo
49Good luckzhù nǐ hǎo yùn
50Good morningzǎoshang hǎo
51Good nightwǎn'ān
53See you laterhuítóu jiàn
54Happy birthdayshēngrì kuàilè
55Happy new yearxīnnián kuàilè
56I am going to workwǒ yào qù gōngzuòle
57I am okwǒ hěn hǎo
58I am not okwǒ yě bùxíng
59I am sickwǒ bìngle
60I knowwǒ zhīdào
61I do not knowwǒ bù zhīdào
62I do not understandwǒ bù míngbái
63Please explainqǐng jiěshì
64What do you want?nǐ xiǎng yào shénme?
65I need helpWǒ xūyào bāngzhù
67I saidwǒ shuō
68What are you doing?nǐ zài zuò shénme?
69What do you mean?Nǐ shénme yìsi?
70I meanWǒ shì shuō
71What is this?zhè shì shénme?
72Where are you going?Nǐ yào qù nǎlǐ?

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